If you have a warning light on your dashboard we can investigate this further for you by completing a diagnostic car or van test.

What is a diagnostic test?

A diagnostic test i completed by plugging in our latest diagnostic equipment to your OBD connector (On Board Diagnostic Connector). We use the top of the range diagnostic equipment by Snap-on.

Using the one of the best and latest Snap-on diagnostics equipment, we will be sure to get to the bottom of your engine issues – whether there’s a noise that you just can’t figure out or an annoying light on the dashboard, our diagnostics tools and motor mechanic technicians will identify the problem so we are able to offer you a cost-effective repair or point you in the right direction.

The test will provide a code/s after completing the scan on your ECU and will enable our mechanic technician to provide a detailed breakdown of what is required to fix the problem. The actual test can take approximately 1 – 1.5 hours to complete and provide a breakdown.

Please note that a diagnostic test doesn’t fix any potential issues; it’s simply a test to identify and get to the root of the issue.

Vehicle Diagnostic Cost

Price – £50

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