At Bsmart Autocentre Leeds we offer a car or van battery checking and fitting replacement service.

A battery is another part of your vehicle which is subject to wear and tear and something that should be checked on a regular basis.

Signs of a vehicle battery requiring investigation:

  • Car or van not starting as normal
  • Low or loss of power to your electrics in your car or van
  • Warning light on your dashboard

A lifespan for a vehicle battery is anything from 3 – 5 years.

We offer a free battery check service to show you the health and charge of your battery which can take approximately 15 minutes. Once we complete the free vehicle battery health check we will provide you with a report and advise on the health of your battery and if a replacement / fitting is required.

All of our car and van batteries come with a 12 month guarantee and there are a few brands which offer a 3-5 year no quibble guarantee.

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