At Bsmart Autocentre we offer a 4 Wheel camera Alignment service using the latest vehicle alignment technology.

We use specialist Snap-on pro align equipment on all cars and vans. Our vehicle technicians have been fully trained on using this high tech equipment.

What is a wheel alignment? 

Wheel alignment is the adjustment of the wheel angles to the manufacturer’s specifications. The purpose of these adjustments is to reduce tyre wear and to ensure that the vehicle travel is straight and accurate.

Reasons for a wheel alignment
Below is an outline of why a wheel alignment would be required:

  • Uneven tread wear
  • Camber wear
  • Vehicle pulling to the left or right
  • Steering wheel is off center when driving straight
  • Steering wheel vibrating

When a wheel alignment is completed the following areas are looked at:

Camber – inward or outward angle of the tyres (front of the vehicle)

Toe – is the extent in which your tyres turn inwards or outwards when viewed from above.

We offer two types of wheel alignment for cars and vans which is detailed below:

£49* – Camera 4 Wheel Laser Car Alignment. 

This wheel alignment is advised for the front and rear toe adjustment setting on your vehicle and wheels.

*rear adjustment is dependant on factory adjustment points.

£99* – Performance Wheel Alignment

This wheel alignment is advised for the camber and caster adjustment setting on your vehicle and wheels.

Using state of the art CCD camera wheel car alignment equipment which will allow our vehicle technician to check the settings, our wheel alignment computer will then pinpoint where we need to make adjustments and to the exact manufacturer settings. Once we have completed the alignment we will provide you with a print out with before and after readings.

*If vehicle is a 4×4, Cross-over or Van there will be an additional charge of £10 on the above prices.

*Some vehicles may occur further charges due to other required adjustments or any vehicle faults (e.g. seized or worn bolts which would require extra time) – this will be advised before the alignment is carried out.

If your vehicle requires the Angle Sensor resetting after we have completed the wheel alignment there will be an additional charge of £30 as we will need to connect our diagnostics machine to your vehicle to recalibrate the angle sensor.

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