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MOT Advice

There has been a huge 41% spike in MOT renewals in the past two months due to the MOT extensions between March 31 and July 31. We’re talking an increase of 3.6 million extra tests due across England.

At Bsmart Autocentre we have been super busy with MOT’s. We’re asking all customers to please book your MOT in advance or even prior to your MOT expiry date.

You can contact us via the following:

Thank you
Bsmart Autocentre Team

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DPF Clean

DPF Clean

At Bsmart Autocentre we offer in-house DPF filter carbon clean service for your blocked DPF. DPF carbon clean is the best and most environmentally friendly way to clean and regenerate your car DPF.

What is a DPF filter?

DPF stands for diesel particulate filter and it’s main job is to trap soot which is created by a byproduct of the combustion process.

DPFs need to ‘regenerate’ to prevent clogging and this only happens when you drive for an extended period.

Most cars have a two-stage warning system:

Amber light – you should be able to regenerate the vehicle by driving above 40mph.

Red light – trip to a garage

Prices start from £150

More information on DPF Cleaning

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Roadworks Update

Roadworks Update

Please note the following roadworks are currently in place near our premises:

Permanent closure of the dedicated right turn from the outbound A61 Hunslet Road into Leathley Road

Permanent closure of the dedicated right turn from the inbound A61 Hunslet Road into Sayner Road

Permanent closure of Chadwick Street at the junction with the A61 Hunslet Road – expected to be implemented towards the end of September 2020

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch

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