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NHS and Care Staff Discount

Bsmart Autocentre would like to thank all of our NHS staff and care workers for everything that they are doing during this pandemic by offering discounts on MOT tests and parts and labour, see prices below:

• £15 MOT *
• 10% off parts and labour *

Thank you from all the staff at Bsmart Autocentre

* NHS / care worker ID to be provided

Please get in touch to book.

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Covid-19 – Vehicle Advice

Covid-19 Advice

Our team at Bsmart Autocentre have put together a list of key areas to check on your vehicle during this pandemic and if you have the 6 month MOT extension. 

Brakes and handbrake – signs of issues with your brakes can be noises from your vehicle when you stop or issues when pressing your brake pedal. Your handbrake should also pull up at the correct level and not too high. 

Bodywork – please look out for any rust spots/corrosion on the exterior especially sharp edges. As a temporary measure you can cover this with duct tape. 

Door/openings – please ensure that all vehicle doors open and close as this could be detrimental if you were to have an accident and required to remove yourself from the vehicle as soon as possible. 

Exhaust / fuel system – look out for any smoke coming from your vehicle.

Horn – please ensure your horn is working, again this is required for any emergency situations to show your presence on the road. 

Lights – all vehicle lights should be in working order. If you’re unsure please ask another member in your household to check this. This applies to dim/full lights, reverse lights, brake lights, indicator lights, hazard lights, fog lights. 

Seats and seatbelts – all seatbelts should be in fully functioning without any issues as a safety measure for yourself and any other passengers in the vehicle

Steering – your steering should be functioning as normal. If you notice any restrictions to movement with the steering wheel for example, the steering wheel becoming too heavy. 

Vehicle identification – your registration plate and vin details should be visible and readable. If there is damage to this please replace or alternatively get in touch and we can advise. 

Tyres and Wheels – tyre treads should be legal. Here is some guidance on how to check this: 

Tyre depth can be easily measured using a 20p coin. All you need to do is insert the 20p coin into the lowest tread depth. If you’re unable to see the outer rim around the edge of the coin then your tyre is classed as being safe. Please note a tyre would require a minimum of 3mm of depth to be safe.

You must also look out for any cracks on your wheels as this can have an impact on the safety of the vehicle. 

Windows and mirrors should be clear with no cracks or missing wing mirrors. 

Wipers – these should be working correctly to ensure your windscreen is cleaned whilst driving or in the rain. 

Guidance from the government:  

It is still a requirement from the DVSA to drive a roadworthy and safe vehicle so in return we would kindly ask for you to please ensure that you spot any signs for issues and maintain any safety areas with your vehicle. Failure to do this will result in prosecution. 

Contact us

If you have any concerns or questions about your vehicle please give us a call on 0113 242 6338 or alternatively you can send us a message on Google Business , Facebook and Instagram  or email

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COVID-19 – MOT Extension

The government and The Driver and Vehicles Standards Agency (DVSA) have launched new regulation for all MOT tests for vehicles, see outline below:

You are still required to get an MOT if it expires before 30 March 2020

If your MOT due date expires from 30 March 2020 it will be extended by 6 months

To protect our staff and customers during this challenging period we will be introducing reduced operating hours as we are still required to provide a service to customers if you experience any vehicle issues / repairs: 

Monday – Friday

8:30 – 5:30pm

We wanted to reassure our customers of the measures we have in place, see below:

 2 meter distance at all times between staff and customers.

 2 meter tape put on the floor in the reception for guidance for customers to follow when entering the reception area and facing the counter.

 Only 1 customer at a time in the reception area

 Customer drop off and collection table in the reception area to adhere to no contact drop off point (box provided to place the keys)

 Gloves worn at all times by staff members.

 Seat covers will be placed on customers drivers seat before a member of staff sits in the vehicle.

 All internal vehicle contact areas wiped down with antibacterial wipes when a member of staff has completed the work and the vehicle is ready for pick up.

Please note that if you have a booking in place and have any mild/moderate symptoms of coronavirus please get in touch as the welfare of our staff members is important during this pandemic.

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